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Our Story

Bambooify started out like most people... 

We were appalled of the impacts of plastic bottles on our environment. Plastic bottles are not biodegradable which makes it very difficult to degrade and has been shown to have terrible effects on the environment and the animals that live in it. Just here in the United States, we consume about 50 billion plastic water bottles in the last year but only recycle about 12 billion of the bottles. That is only at 23% recycle rate. That means 38 billion plastic water bottles are not recycled in the proper disposal manner meaning that they all end up making their way to the environment as waste. This is not GOOD!

Therefore we have been trying to figure out how we can focus on reducing the amount of water bottles that are purchased by consumers. There has been many different reusable bottles made in stainless steel, glass, copper, and a BPA-free plastic bottle. This is amazing as it helps reduce the amount of plastic water bottles but it was missing something. There was a WOW factor that was missing.

Then we finally found it. We stumbled upon eco-friendly organic bamboo material. This is an amazing material as it serves as a durable product to protect from our busy lifestyle (how many times have you dented a stainless steel water bottle like I have). Then when meshing the bamboo material with stainless steel, we have created a stylish and functional bottle to hold your liquids whether its hot or cold.

Oh and by the way, there is an infuser that is in the bottle which is perfect to make some infused tea or some cold brew. Whatever you decide to drink, our product will be there service your need. 

Bambooify's mission is to help replace the single-used plastic bottles with something better, and stylish. Oh and to look more fashionable than your standard stainless steel bottles that everyone else has.

So when the next time you go to your yoga class, spin class, or the office; Don't be surprised when somebody stops and asks you where did you get that bottle.